Special Sessions

Special sessions can cover subjects or cross-subjects belonging to the topics of interest, or novel topics related to those identified within the topics of interest.

Organization of special sessions

Once approved, the Organizers must publicize the Special Session among researchers and practitioners in the field and attract the sufficient number of papers. Papers submitted to special sessions will undergo the same review process as regular papers. The special session organizers of the respective special session are responsible for organizing the review process, assuring at least three reviews per paper. This includes the selection of reviewers from their peers.

Conflict of Interest:

Before starting the review process, SS organizers must explicitly declare papers that present a conflict of interest for them. A conflict of interest arises where the judgement of a paper's quality can be influenced by the organizers being authors or knowing some of the authors. In order to ensure independent reviews, this conflict must be marked as such in the submission system and the SS Co-Chairs notified so that they can arrange the review process.


During the review process, Special Session Organizers must take into account that:

Successful SS:

A minimum of 6 accepted and registered papers with authors from at least three independent institutions (other than the organizers institutions) and two different countries is required for each session. If a session has too few papers, accepted papers will be allocated to regular sessions wherever possible. In case of an indication of weakly organized special sessions, the conference organizers will support the organizers with advice but reserve measures including cancellation of the respective special session.

Session Chairs:

When a SS is finally accepted by the conference, SS organizers will serve as Session chairs in the conference. In some extenuating circumstance, Technical Program chairs and Conference General Chairs might take full control of appointing the Session Chairs should the SS organizers unable to participate in the conference.

Important dates: